The satanic secret behind all of this!

I got this domain because of the free stuff that GitHub gives to students (Github Education Pack), so I got the domain and ghost with NameCheap, a VPS droplet in DigitalOcean and other cool stuff.

so I plan to put all of my projects and random stuff here so I can easily access and other people can access too (not everything is going to be public OwO)

maybe some snippets of spaghetto (code), and projects like the satanic Ipsum(that wasn't a project tho :) ), etc...

why? you may ask. and I'll answer with "because I can, and because I need some degree of motivation to do stuff and not to fall into depression and anxiety because life just sucks :^) ". So this is my version of the vital existence that Anton Lavey talked about in the satanic bible and other essays